Complete billing and client management

mBilling provides required features for invoicing and client management. It provides rate card/package management with ability to generate required revenue reports. This module seamlessly integrates to mTraffic – commercial scheduling module. Also, this module can be integrated to 3rd party financial applications.


  • Manage clients/agency information (advertisers)
  • Multiple Rate cards / package management
  • Enabling pre-defined rate card rates for work orders
  • Generate work orders based on rate cards or packages
  • Invoicing for Work Orders
  • Capture payment details
  • Different clock assignments for channels. (The clock is a collection of time belts)
  • A Different rate cards, assignment for different clocks.
  • Capture executive sales (Direct sales through sales people)
  • Channel-wise sales analysis reports & graphs
  • Supports detailed play out a list with all required information on each play item
  • Supports color schemes to differentiate song belts and commercial belts
  • Supports jingles, station ID’s, Liners, Beds
  • Ability to assign jingles to hot keys
  • Ability to view three hours of songs and commercial schedule at any given time
  • Cross fade between songs (Multiple cross fade options)
  • Comprehensive cross fade configurations with the ability to customize fading style
  • Personalization features based on presenters login such as personalized colors/jingles etc.
  • Supports live login for presenters without quitting the console application
  • Tempo/Pitch control (Can Increase/Decrease tempo without effecting Vocals)
  • Ability to view song play history
  • The ability to preview upcoming songs back to back using a special function